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Old Time Music Hall Gentleman





White trousers

Straw Boater

Check out some more Costumes from "Victorian and Edwardian"

Victorian Lady

VICTORIAN LADY FANCY DRESS COSTUME Blue silk Victorian/Edwardian dress with bustle and apron Long gloves Choker Feather and comb  

Irene Adler

VICTORIAN LADY IRENE ADLER FANCY DRESS COSTUME Rich burgundy Victorian dress with frills Bustle Hat

Victorian Gentleman

VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN FANCY DRESS COSTUME Burgundy Victorian frockcoat Check trousers Shirt Waistcoat Cravat Top hat

Mrs Lovett

MRS LOVETT FANCY DRESS COSTUME Black blouse Red and black victorian skirt Corset Blood stained apron Rolling pin  

Sweeny Todd

SWEENY TODD FANCY DRESS COSTUME Shirt Waistcoat Cravat Pinstripe trousers Blood stained apron

Victorian Farm Worker

VICTORIAN FARMER FANCY DRESS COSTUME Shirt Waistcoat Trousers Neckerchief Cap

Molly Brown

MOLLY BROWN EDWARDIAN FANCY DRESS COSTUME Green Top with lace trim Matching green skirt Blouse Brooche Fur stole Gloves Hat

Charles Dickens

CHARLES DICKENS FANCY DRESS COSTUME Brown Victorian Frockcoat Shirt Waistcoat Trousers Bow tie  

John Bull

JOHN BULL BRITISH FANCY DRESS COSTUME Tail coat Union jack waistcoat Bow tie Cream trousers Riding boots Top hat