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King Heny VIII


Black velvet doublet with gold braiding

Tapestry sur-coat with fur trim

Matching hat


Shoe rosettes

Chain of office

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Teddy Boy

1950’s TEDDY BOY FANCY DRESS COSTUME Drape coat Drain pipe trousers White shirt Thin bootlace tie Brothel creepers Wig We have these great quality drape […]

Alfred the Great

ANGLO-SAXON ALFRED THE GREAT FANCY DRESS COSTUME Long sleeved tunic Cape with clasp Belt Leg covers and straps Helmet Sword

Viking Warrior

VIKING FANCY DRESS COSTUME Light brown Tunic with attached tabard, leather shoulder covers and cape Leather studded belt Leg covers with wrap-around straps Axe Helmet

Bollywood Male – Purple

BOLLYWOOD FANCY DRESS COSTUME Purple button up tunic Purple satin trousers Gold sash Gold Turban  

Charlie Chaplin

CHARLIE CHAPLIN FANCY DRESS COSTUME Black morning coat Waistcoat Shirt Tie Trousers Bowler hat Cane

1920’s Noel Coward – Smoking Jacket

1920’s NOEL COWARD SMOKING JACKET Silk smoking jacket Trousers Shirt Cravat

1920’s Jazz Musican

1920’s JAZZ MUSICIAN FANCY DRESS COSTUME Dance in the 1920’s was particulary important to fashion, and a need for ease of movement made as much […]

1920’s Gentleman

1920’s GENTLEMAN FANCY DRESS COSTUME Striped blazer Shirt Cravat White trousers Straw Boater

Al Capone

AL CAPONE 1920’s GANGSTER FANCY DRESS COSTUME Pin stripe suit Trousers Shirt Tie Hat Violin Case