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Crusader Knight

crusader knight medieval fancy dress cosume


Chainmail top

Chainmail trousers

Chainmail hood

Cream tabard with red cross

Red cape





Check out some more Costumes from "Medieval"

Court Jester

JESTER FANCY DRESS COSTUME Red, Green and Yellow velvet top with large bells attached Matching trousers Jesters hat and collar Sceptre Shoe covers.

Medieval Noble 2

MALE MEDIEVAL COSTUME Mustard velvet knee length tunic with long sleeves Black velvet collar Tights Belt Hat Shoe rosettes


WIZARD FANCY DRESS COSTUME Purple and green hooded robe Gold rope belt Staff

Little John

MALE MEDIEVAL FANCY DRESS COSTUME Brown Tunic Brown Trousers Beige Cowl Belt Boots

Medieval Merchant

MALE MEDIEVAL FANCY DRESS COSTUME Long brown tunic Sur-coat with grey fur trim Hat Belt

Medieval Noble

MALE MEDIEVAL FANCY DRESS COSTUME Red velvet top with black collar and chain of office Red leggings Matching hat

King Arthur

KING ARTHUR – MALE MEDIEVAL COSTUME Emereld green shirt Gold padded tunic with gem detail Belt Shoe covers Crown

Medieval Fool

MALE MEDIEVAL FANCY DRESS COSTUME Blue and red tunic with collar Leggings Hat Belt and pocket

Braveheart – William Wallace

WILLIAM WALLACE BRAVEHEART FANCY DRESS COSTUME Tartan wrap-around kilt Linen shirt Padded tunic Leg warmers Wig Sword Belt